Making Pensions Part of your Business Plan

Employers are competing for a limited pool of skilled labour and this impacts business contingency planning. This is why we believe that pensions should be part of every successful business plan.

CERS Trustee Annual Report 2021

The CERS Trustee Annual Report 2021 is now available.

What’s happening in the world of pensions in 2022?

In this edition of Irish Building Magazine, we look at the changes in pensions and how they will impact you and your future.

Changes for retirees following the Finance Act 2021.

Following the Finance Act 2021, AMRF plans are no longer required and all existing AMRFs are now automatically be recorded as ARFs.

A once in a generation change is coming to your pension scheme…..

IORP II provides for EU-wide pension scheme standards including an effective system of governance, covering areas such as fit and proper standards for trustees; the appointment of key function holders for risk management, actuarial and internal audit; and new standards relating to communications with members, deferred members and potential members.

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