CERS allows Employers to provide valuable protection benefits for Employees…

Protection Benefits on Death in Service

Under the CERS Trust, Employers can provide valuable protection benefits for Employees by providing access to both Lump Sum Death in Service Benefits, Spouses Pensions on Death in Service and Children’s Pensions.

This provides employees with valuable financial protection in the event of their death in service. This is a comprehensive part of any employee benefit package and as an Employer, providing employees with additional peace of mind is a boost to the morale in the workplace as outlined below.

Lump Sum Death Benefit

Under the CERS arrangement Employers may provide Lump Sum Death Benefits for employees, whereby, in the event of their Death while in service, a lump sum would become payable to their dependants. Subject to Revenue limits up to four times salary could be payable tax free.

Spouse's Pension Death in Service

It is also possible to provide for a Spouses Pension Death in Service. Along with the Lump Sum, a Pension may become payable to the spouse of an employee on their death in service. Or where there is no spouse a dependant’s pension can be provided.

Children’s Pension

The Spouses Pension Death in Service can be enhanced to provide an increased pension where there are children under the age of 18 to a max of 23 years' of age, for children in full time education.

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