A once in a generation change is coming to your pension scheme…..

IORP II provides for EU-wide pension scheme standards including an effective system of governance, covering areas such as fit and proper standards for trustees; the appointment of key function holders for risk management, actuarial and internal audit; and new standards relating to communications with members, deferred members and potential members.

50 Years in Pensions

CERS has been providing pensions and looking after the interests of the construction sector for the last 50 years.

Tax Relief and Retirement 2021

AVCs are often referred to as 'rocket fuel' for pensions. While some of us may not have the luxury of disposable income in the current climate, it is worth considering what you can afford contribute.

CERS Pension - Now and into the Future

Starting a pension now has many benefits - here's a short video explaining some of them.

Avoiding Knee-Jerk Reactions to Negative Financial Events

Markets rise and fall daily. This is part of the natural cycle of investing, but historically, each significant market downturn has been followed by an eventual upswing.

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